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When I ask the question, “WHY haven’t you started on your path towards creating the business you dream of?”, the number one response I get is about the investment, either there’s no money to invest, or it’s too much of a gamble, or it’s unclear what to invest in. There are other important responses too I hope to cover in future blog posts, but this answer seemed to be the proper one to start with as there many fallacies with this belief. Before I dive deeper, it’s important to make one thing very clear:

You can start a business with $0 initial investment.

Seems like one of those too-good-to-be-true ads, right? Where the guy is trying to sell you some get rich quick program? Well, I promise you it’s not, and I’m not trying to sell you anything in this post. How do I know? Well, I did myself.

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At a young age, I fell in love with the idea of making money. Sweet American capitalism. Before I hit the double digits, I tried the full book of ideas: lemonade stands, dog sitting businesses, pizza parties, you name it. Around this same time the internet was taking shape into the web we know today; available in basically every product, to everyone. In the past, when kids looked to make money they were limited to the things I listed before, the lemonade stands, the bake sales, the weekly allowance. With the impact of the internet, this totally changed. The entire economy was no longer limited to an enforceable age guideline and a drive down the road. It was right there for everyone to view, regardless of their age, gender, race, and all you needed was a computer. The eleven-year-old me saw this as a golden opportunity. As soon as the chance became available to me, through increasing my knowledge and access, I launched my first internet venture, a music blog, with a $0 investment.

I didn’t make many money at first… and I wasn’t really trying to. This was partly because I was not yet a teenager, so with a limited knowledge there was only so much I could do, but also because I wasn’t trying to. At that time I was more concerned with building a dedicated audience than profit. This leads me to my second point which is:

When you first launch your business, you should be more concerned with building the business, than making a profit.

After around a month, I did make an investment. I spent $7 buying my very first domain name. It was a necessary step to grow my business to the next level and was still a very small amount to be investing compared to some still unprofiting startups (just do a Google search for “startup investments”). After spending those first few months building my business, before I even turned 12, I was making money. Bands would reach out to get featured and pay me upwards of $50 for a post. I added Google Adsense to my blog, which was now getting 1000+ unique views daily, and after a few months, I got my first $100 check. Although this may seem like chump change to a fully employed adult, to a not-yet-teenager, I was living the good life. As the years progressed I slowly turned these sporadic payments into a steady stream of income.

So now the question is, how can you do the same? The answer is much simpler than you might think. I’m not going to focus so much in this post about finding a business idea, so let’s just assume you already have an idea to start a business, let’s say reviewing electronics online. One of the first things I did, after optimizing the website, was to establish a social media presence. I was able to build an audience of over 1,000 Facebook fans fairly quickly through a process I like to call the Social Media Building Blocks.

In order to build a strong audience, you must utilize social media to your advantage.

The Social Media Building Blocks kicks off right after you have created your fantastic pages (which I will address in another post). Step One of the SMBBs is getting about 20-30 of your friends to follow your site. This starts the building process and you can get good engagement from these people you know to start to expand your audience. If you get these people to share your posts, you can start a chain reaction, or a snowball effect of sorts.

Step Two involves joining Facebook Groups, mentioning your media in forums, and more, a lot of which I discuss in my new program coming soon. This creates an even bigger audience.

Step 3 Involves creating contests, doing collaborations, and engaging your audience and promoting the share function. Create well thought out posts, work with content creators, and drive it all back to your website. Many people think reaching out to content creators is difficult and hard, but there are many resources at your disposal which I will discuss at another time.

Social media is great because it allows us business owners access to free traffic (unless you run ads of course), which allows me to keep my promise to you, which I made at the beginning of this post. You can start your business with a $0 investment. Let’s go back to that imaginary business we were starting and walk through the steps we’ve discussed so far to see how we can begin to profit.

Step 1: Start creating excellent content (or products, or services, etc…) that sets you apart from the rest. You need to stand out to build an audience.

PS: If you aren’t good at the skills involved with building a website, writing blog posts, etc…, there are tools at your disposal. Skillshare (yes, that site you’ve probably heard of a million times in those Youtube videos) is great for learning pretty much any online skill, and tools like WordPress and Blogger make setting up your site a breeze.

Step 2: Build a strong audience through the Social Media Building Blocks

PS: Once you get these people to your site, start a mailing list signup, so you can keep them coming back. MailChimp is a great starting point.

Step 3: Begin to profit. Now that you’ve got an audience that should continue to grow if you keep up with your work, you can now start to profit. Increase those prices (only if it’s a smart decision), place those ads down (but not too many), and start advertising your services.

This approach was slightly simplified, but internet marketing really is that easy. There are so many people in one place at once, so it is easy to market your services to others without much work on your part. You should be feeling more confident about starting your business, and more willing, thanks to the burden of money being removed from the equation. I’m going to leave you here with one more tip.

Always make connections. Reach out to people you meet creating your business and share knowledge.

There are so many people who are experts in their craft online and willing to share some of that knowledge with you. I wouldn’t have gotten nearly as far as I’ve gotten if it wasn’t for the numerous people who have let me in on their tricks they use for internet marketing and building businesses. Find People. Make Connections. Make Money.

Peace out!

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