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I talk to so many people who are so motivated to start their own internet business.  They love the idea of working from wherever they want, being their own boss, and avoiding getting sucked up in the system.  The good news is these people are 50% of the way there.  Being motivated is a key component to succeeding in starting your business.  If you don’t have motivation you wont get anywhere.  

If you totally aren’t motivated right now, here are a few tricks.  Think of yourself in a few years from now, where you could be if you ran your own business.  Think of traveling around the world, being your own boss, or whatever excites you.  Then think of yourself in three years if you don’t start your own business.  Stuck in the same old desk job, gotta report to the boss, and got to play by someone else rules.  Now think about the benefit your business can bring to the world.  Your business idea doesn’t have to be a charity to benefit others.  It could just be a way to make an existing product better, or an educational blog. If after thinking about these things you still aren’t motivated, then maybe this career path isn’t for you.

Once you’ve got the motivation, you’ll need to know how to dial it into the important things that will help you get started.  As I addressed earlier, this is one of the hardest parts.  The first thing pretty much anyone starting a business will do is research.  If you’re launching a product, you want to make sure there is a good market for your product.  You’ll want to find potential competitors, observe Google Trends, and compare factories for producing your product.  This may seem all a little overwhelming at first, so let me break it down a bit.

Step 1: Discover your market

Let’s say the product you’ll be selling is a new dog chew toy (although your business doesn’t have to sell anything).  The first thing you’ll want to do is think about who your market will be.  Pet owners?  More specifically, dog owners?  Will you be selling just regionally, or across your entire country?  Will your product be better for a certain breed of dog?  Ask yourself these questions as you’re starting your business

Step 2: Asses your market

Once you’ve discovered what your market it, you’ll need to deeply observe it.  Think about what search terms people looking for your products will use.  Put these terms into Google Trends and make sure there is enough activity in your market for your business.  Also, use Google to search for potential competitors.  Observe what they’re doing for ideas and inspiration when starting your business.  What color toys are they offering?  Are they offering free shipping?  What kind of deals are posted?  Do they have a mailing list?  These are just a few of the thousands of questions you should be asking yourself.  

Step 3: Outline a Strategy

Once you’ve seen how your market operates, you’ll need to come up with a strategy for how you plan to get customers.  Observing those competitors again is a great start.  Are they using Google ads to get customers?  Youtube?  Search ads?  Social media?  Word of mouth?  Use these observations to come up with a plan to bring in customers for your own business.  An excellent plan should include multiple ideas for traffic funnels. 

Now you should have a good understanding of your market.  The next step is to figure out a way to manufacture your product.  If you aren’t planning on selling a product then congratulations! You can skip this step!

For those of you who are selling a product, this is the section many people choose to give up.  You may think that you have no manufacturing skills, and don’t have any connections who do either.  You may feel out of luck, but luckily the Internet comes in to save the day.  There are hundreds of sites that allow you to connect with factory owners around the world who have experience manufacturing selling similar items.  Alibaba is by far the most popular.  You can search for your dream product, like “dog chew toy” and be matched with hundreds of factories who have produced similar items. You should send around 5-7 of them a message.

Once you’ve sent the factories messages, you can begin to work with them on the specifics.  Do you want to go with a design the factory already has or do something custom? If you’re going custom, do you have the blueprints and files for your design, or do you need to hire someone to make them? (Check out Fiverr).  Do you know what colors you want to use?  What do you want your starting quantity to be? 

Once you have all the details worked out, you’ll want to request a sample order.  Some factories make you pay for these, where others will pay for them.  Once you get your order (which can be a while as most factories are overseas), make sure the item is just to your specifications.  Then you can proceed with placing your bigger order, which I will address in an upcoming post.

And with that, your business should be progressing towards the kickoff date.  That should kill off your “Entreprenurial Block”, and get you actually taking action towards the life you want.

As always,

Peace out!

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

Walt Disney

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