Connor Byers is a teenage entrepreneur, CEO, and founder of four businesses. Through his website, Connor shares tips for up and coming entrepreneurs and businessmen and provides insight into the life of an entrepreneur. In addition to his businesses, Connor is also an investor in many top companies. He has also worked as a musician, with an album and several other singles released to date. In total, he has received almost a million Youtube and Spotify views and has been played on hundreds of college radio stations and regional TV shows around the country. 

Byers started his first business, a music blog, at a mere 11 years old. The business took off and became one of the top music portals in the country. Since then, Byers has constantly grown and adapted with the always-moving internet economy, and has launched three+ new ventures in the years following. Byers’ companies have received press from many established news sources, and have been mentioned by many of the top business moguls from around the world.

He has been an advocate about sharing his information through his website, where he encourages young entrepreneurs to reach towards their business dreams, regardless of their age.